Retail Price is $ 100.00 for a 3ml/g vial. 

* Every body's chemistry is different and the starting amount per treatment can vary greatly. Expect to possibly use 2 or 3 complete vials per treatment course.  

New Ratite Blue R.S.O applications are now available upon special request only. 

Ratite Blue R.S.O. 

This application was developed for Cancer patients. This formula can either be Swallowed to fight internal cancers/tumors or used as a Topical application to fight skin cancer. It comes in a needless syringe and is to be applied to toast or cracker and swallowed.

* RSO = Rick Simpson Oil is an 8 week treatment plan that must be taken daily. The premise is to start out small and then increasing your daily amount per week flooding your body chemistry with all the cannabinoids for the intire 8 week course.

* RSO is the concentrate of a Female Cannabis Plant that is extremely strong and potent.

* A Female cannabis plant has over 88 different kinds of cannabinoids and over 400 distinctive properties that make up what is commonly known as the Entourage Effect. This is when all cannabinoids work with our body's endo-cannabinoid receptors to aid in the fight against cancer.


** Be careful and do your due diligence. There are many applications on the market claiming to be RSOs. CBD only applications ARE NOT TRUE RSO's. Some of those applications are called or labeled RSHO's. **** CBD only RSO is a crime and just shameful in our opinion. The only reason that this was even developed was due to cost.

A Cancer patent needs FULL PLANT EXTRACTION CONCENTRATE - and not 1 itemized cannabinoid called " Cannabindial = CBD " that 99 % of the time was taken from a Male Hemp Stock and not a the Female Cannabis Plant. Don't be fooled and don't just trust the budtender for most of them know nothing.