Created specifically with diabetics in mind.  Our formula offers a Olive Oil base which will help slow your digestive system during meals helping to lower that 50 point spike aiding in stabilizing glucose levels for a better overall A1C count.

Tincture - Direction of usage. 

- Place 4 drops under the tongue and hold for 30 seconds anything not absorbed by our blood vessels can be swallowed. Wait 15 minutes and if the desired effect has not taken place take another 2 drops. Repeat this the very first time to establish how many drops your chemistry is needing for your specific application. 

We have two different types of bottles and droppers. 

* Squeeze tip dropper

* European Inverted Dropper for more precise measurement of dosing.

Retails for $ 40.00

Tinctures come in three different formulas:

 ** Sativa

** Indica

                      ** CBD only formula * Blueberry and Green Apple available only.

Medicated Tincture to help aid in the fight against many types of ailments including:

** Body Pain

** Anxiety

** Depression

** Nausea

** Pre & Post Chemotherapy

** HIV & Aids - symptoms

** Crohn's Colitus

** Ulcerative Colitis

** Migraine Headaches

** Multiple Scierosis

** Muscle Spasms


** Sleep Disorders

** Tourette's Syndrome

** Parkinson's Disease

& much more!

       Five Flavors to choose from!!

 ** Cinnamon Spice

 ** Mint

 ** Chai

 ** Green Apple

​ ** Blueberry